Autumn again

The first months of the year dragged on like chewing gum. From the middle of the year, I felt like being on a roller coaster. Time for decisions. Leaving things I love behind, saying goodbye, getting out of the comfort zone, illness, doubts, plenty of time for reflection, getting up, facing new challenges. The certainty that you have made the right decisions. Satisfaction. And happiness.

Then autumn. Incredibly beautiful and colourful. Catch the sun's rays, recharging batteries. And again and again the amazement at the metamorphosis of nature. Terrific spectacle. Vying for the most beautiful colours and shapes. A collective rebellion, one last savour. Give everything again - before winter takes over.

Autumn is my favourite season. It feels familiar because the soul comes to rest here. No wonder - as I'm born in autumn. I like this time when everything becomes a little quieter as tension subsides and the knowledge of impermanence makes people softer.

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